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Search www.chol.com and other South Korean search engines.



Search www.goo.ne.jp and other Japanese search engines.


How It Works

A little information about how it works behind the scenes.

OpenVPN Software

OpenVPN is a robust, widely-used, battle-tested VPN Software.

  • Because OpenVPN is a widely-used software, it is easy to find software for installing a reliable, trusted VPN Client on your device.
  • Other types of connections were considered, but using a VPN software gave extra benefits besides just speeding up and stabilizing connections.

HTTPS Encryption

The OpenVPN Software (paired with encryption software) creates a unique key for each user so that they have a secure connection and no one else can listen in on their conversation between their device and the VPN.

  • Encryption keeps the connection between your device and the VPN server private. No one can listen in on your web traffic during that part of the route.
  • In order to make sure your connection is encrypted end-to-end, you need to also make sure that the website you're talking to uses HTTPS. (Hopefully you're familiar with this concept).

AWS Has Servers for Rent All Over the World

Anyone with a credit card can make an account with AWS and start server software on their servers.

  • Specifically, the EC2 and VPC Peering services were used.
  • The VPC Peering capability helped speed up the connection between the USA and the VPN servers in Asia.

Pricing Options

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  • Reliable VPN Service
  • Private & Secure Connection
  • Premium Connection Speeds from USA
  • Personal Email Support

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